Our Team

Our team is small but mighty.

Jerrett Taylor and Ryan Barber each have over 20 years of experience in software development and leading development teams. Anupa Naik has 15 years of experience in user research, operations, and product management.

We have spent the last 4 years consulting over 20 startups and developing our own community-centric app. Our leadership team is complemented by a team of contracted developers, designers, and product managers to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our experience is well suited to empower you to make pragmatic product development decisions.

Our Values

By Empowering others, we strive to always do what's in the best interest of our customers.

When we embrace Pragmatism, we approach problems in a practical and flexible way, rather than being stuck on a previous methodology or principle.

Leading with Curiosity, we seek to deeply understand your business problems and we continually evaluate our understanding and approach.



We have the experience, pragmatism & humility to be the technical voice at your leadership table.

Whether you’re a brand new start-up or an established company at an inflection point, there are times you need technical guidance & aren’t in a position to bring on a full-time leader.

We act as your fractional Chief Technology Officer, Head of Product, & Head of Development.

We listen & observe, make recommendations on adjustments that need to be made to your software or team, and we execute on those recommendations alongside your team in order to meet your business objectives.

We can be available in this capacity for many months or years. We can be long term trusted partners. Or we can help you get through a critical decision point and transition out. We do what is best to empower you and your team.

Product Development

Product Development

We have the discipline to focus your product strategy & the senior development experience to architect & build the foundation to your scalable product.

Our specialty is bringing confidence & clarity to entrepreneurial teams building software for the first time. We interview each stakeholder, analyze data, consider timelines, partnerships & financial drivers, & (most importantly) gain a deep understanding of your end user.

We use these inputs to produce product vision & roadmapping documentation to steer the conversation towards focus & clarity. Once the scope is clear, we build, test, launch & iterate - just like a full time product development team does, but without the long term commitment.

We believe in launching a prototype quickly to start gaining beta customer feedback to drive the product roadmap & position you to start earning revenue and/or seek funding. We enable you to test your hypothesis & make an informed decision on how to proceed.